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Experienced Life Coach

Mandy's Guidance offers life-changing advice and wisdom from the comfort of your home. With 15 years of experience as a psychic and life coach, Mandy is an expert in Reiki healing, tarot card readings, and providing clarity for everyday problems. Let her help you unlock your full potential



Life Coaching & Spiritual Life Coaching 

A Personal and Spiritual Development Coach
Helping you reach your full potential through self-discovery, self-mastery, and confidence-building. 
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Life can get so overwhelming that it becomes difficult to keep your head above the waters. At this point, you start feeling the need to step up to find answers to life situations.
Do you need help with gaining mastery in your relationship and learning how to build actionable goals that will help you grow?
Do you feel stuck at the moment and need answers, advice or guidance in certain areas of your life?

Get Personalized Help!
My life coaching & spiritual life coaching sessions can help you navigate through these situations and give you a sense of direction in life. 

Who I Am
Hi, my name is Mandy, a life coach & spiritual life coach with 10 years of professional experience helping people navigate through life situations. I work with people to unlock their hidden potentials through self-discovery, self-mastery and confidence building. 
My professional life coaching services, and spiritual life coaching sessions(Meditation, Chakra balancing, Reiki healing, Tarot card readings & Energy healing) can help you navigate your current situations and bring lasting balance to your life. I take on a holistic and personalized approach to my life coaching & spiritual life coaching sessions. Rather than just treating the symptoms,  I try to understand the root cause. This involves going back to who you are, where you're coming from and why you're here as these are the basis of your existence. As your life coach and spiritual life coach, I don't judge you or form a biased view of you. Rather, my goal is to help you grow and become a better version of yourself – mentally, emotionally and spiritually. There are potentials yet unreached. And I work with you to tap into them.

How I can help you

You can benefit greatly from my life coaching & spiritual life coaching sessions if you're looking to:

Find calmness in your everyday life
See life situations for what they are, and not get bothered by them.
Get behind your past life experiences and take a great leap into the future.
Become self-confident, energetic 
Experience freedom and happiness that makes you feel good about yourself and prepare you for your everyday life. 

My sessions are for you if you're looking for answers, advice, guidance and/or healing.


Life Coaching

My life coaching session can transform your life from where you are to where you'll love to be. I work with you to identify and break through the different barriers that are keeping you limited in life. This includes helping you attain new heights in your career, finances and relationships. My life coaching is the catalyst that propels you into reaching your full potential. 
Everyone deserves something good in life. Oftentimes, we wish that our lives are perfect and that we can achieve all that we set our minds to do. 
Don’t allow yourself to get drained emotionally when I can help you navigate the situation. With my experience, I can help you get the emotional and mental balance that you need.


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Spiritual Life Coaching

Do you feel a desire to go deeper into your existence? This goes beyond focusing on your mere goals. It's gaining a deeper knowledge and understanding of your being and connecting with the universe.
My spiritual life coaching sessions help you attain a desirable level of inner peace, happiness and harmony on your way to finding wholeness.


My spiritual life coaching includes:

Tarot Card Readings

Tarot card reading This is more than a deck of cards, It allows me to connect with the spirit realm to gain insights into your past, present or future. It sheds light on the unknown Universe to guide us.  I can connect to gain insight into any aspects of your life – career, family, relationships, health, etc. 
Want to know what the future has in store for you? 

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Simple mindfulness meditation is a deep-level practice that can help you reduce stress, increase calmness and bring clarity to your mind. This brings true happiness, acceptance and joy to your being. I can guide you and help you learn how to meditate.

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Energy healing

Energy healing looks to channel the universal life force into bringing balance and healing into a clients body. This spiritual healing process aims to remove blockages of every kind and restore energy to the body. It can come in form of chakra balancing or reiki healing. 
My energy healing can help restore flow, balance and vitality to your body. 

Chakra balancing

Chakra translates to "wheel". And it refers to the seven energy points(focal points) in the body. Chakra balancing is a form of energy healing that aims to channel energy into the seven chakras. This helps bring wholeness to the physical body. I can help you attain a desirable level of wholeness by connecting to your chakra.

Reiki Healing

This spiritual energy healing technique allows energy to be channeled into the clients body by hands lightly on or just above a person, with the goal of directing energy to help facilitate the person's own healing response. . This procedure aims to activate the natural healing processes of the clients body and restore physical strength and emotional balance.

Leverage my expertise as a professional life coach and spiritual life coach to attain your full potential. Your journey to wholeness begins now!


Life throws many surprises at us, and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can take control of how we respond to certain situations. With my coaching sessions, you’ll learn about acceptance and how to exert your power of choice over whatever life may throw at you.

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“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear”

Mark Twain

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